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    Has something happened to Acrobat Security???


      For the last three years I've been creating a PDF that gets published online, but with security settings for only printing and extraction allowed.


      I've followed the same process every time, and done it hundreds of times


      Today, following the same process I can no longer add the PDF to my page after update.


      Same process - Password security - Restrict editing ticked - Printing Allowed - untick the two boxes - add password - confirm password - save PDF


      When checking Doc properties the only things allowed are Printing and Extracting - great


      Close File


      Can't upload it as a link


      Check Doc - Printing Allowed, Extract File - not allowed


      What normally takes less than five minutes, has now wasted an hour and a half of my time


      What is happening??? This is not the only Adobe software that has been playing up recently - Photoshop and Audition have been particularly rubbish too