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    Using a SMIL file for FLVPlayback

    andyG928 Level 1
      Hi All,

      I am using an SMIL file referred to a few variable bitrate clips, like

      <meta base="rtmp:/vod/" />
      <video src="mp4:sample1_150kbps.f4v" system-bitrate="150000"/>
      <video src="mp4:sample1_500kbps.f4v" system-bitrate="500000"/>
      <video src="mp4:sample1_700kbps.f4v" system-bitrate="700000"/>
      <video src="mp4:sample1_1000kbps.f4v" system-bitrate="1000000"/>
      <video src="mp4:sample1_1500kbps.f4v" system-bitrate="1500000"/>

      The Adobe live docs state that it could be integrated into FLVPlayback component.

      My question: How can I add a switch between diff bitrates clips to a player skin? There is no switch for bandwidth as such.

      When I add a SMIL list, it works fin, but plays only the 1st clip.

      How can i switch to the 2nd etc?