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    Unable to download movie menu



      I purchased Premiere Elements 14 (PRE14) in the fall of 2015. (NEVER post a serial number).Since then I've edited a number of videos taken with my camcorder & burned 3 completed videos onto 3 separate blu-ray DVD discs. No problems.


      Yesterday, I decided to complete a video I had begun in 2014. All that remained was downloading a movie template from your site and then burning the video onto a blu-ray DVD disc. That was when the trouble started.


      The Adobe site would not allow me to complete a download of any movie template.


      I contacted Adobe via their chat line and was finally sent a link to download  Adobe Creative Cloud manager (for whatever reason). Adobe would not recognise my password so that had to be re-set. It took some time to download the Adobe product and by the time it was downloaded, the technician had shut down. He probably gave up because it took about 1 1/2 hours to complete the download.


      Today, I started a new project file with some new media and added a marker. That's all I did. Then I tried to download a movie menu template from the Adobe website automatically via PRE14.


      I open Adobe Cloud and am not even sure if the manager is completely downloaded.


      I would appreciate some quick remedy from Adobe to this exasperating and exhausting problem.

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