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    I have had several times where pictures would come up missing, why is this?


      I am a professional photographer and do over 60 weddings a year.  this year I have had so many frustrating encounters with Lightroom, where I would import the photos from my camera and make a collection with the couples name.  Come back days later to edit and open the application again and the pictures are gone.  I don't understand how this is even possible.  I spend hours searching my computer and they are no where to be found.  I and beyond frustrated with this professional application.  It says it is backing up the data.  Then why do I time after time find some pictures go missing?  Has anyone else ran into this same problem?  Is there a secret place they might be hiding that I am unaware of?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are a few ways that images can become missing:

          1. You move the images on your hard drive, but don't use Lightroom to do that. So Lightroom loses track of their location.

          2. You rename the images, but don't use Lightroom to do the renaming.

          3. The images are on an external hard drive that is disconnected or the drive letter or name has changed.

          4. This one happened to me. I replaced my main hard drive with a SSD. On a few occasions after installing the new SSD, the computer seemed to get confused about drive letter designations. After a day or two, however, the problem stopped.