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    Difference between PC and Mac movie

      Hi! I've authored a CD-ROM title that calls for a number of PDF docs to open throughout it. Unfortunately, the PDFs (baOpenFile) are not opening on the mac (they have in the past), and many of my text elements are not lined up anymore. What gives? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! chris

      P.S. - I used the _movie.path& ("Docs\doc.pdf", "Normal") method, which has always worked in the past.
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          The path delimiter is different on PCs and Macs. On PCs, the backslash
          \ character is used, and on Macs, a colon : is used. To make a
          cross-platform command, you need to use the correct delimiter. You can
          find the delimiter by looking at the moviePath... like this:

          gDelimiter=the last char of the moviePath
          baOpenFile(the moviePath&"docs"&gDelimiter&"doc.pdf,"Normal")

          That way, it will always use the correct one. By the way, if you place a
          put command right before the baOpenFile, it will return an error code if
          there is a problem. Then you will know what is going wrong...

          put baOpenFile(the moviePath&"docs"&gDelimiter&"doc.pdf,"Normal")
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            Gruntbuggly Level 1
            Thanks Mike, I'll check that. Now, for some reason, some of my text elements are coming up in the wrong position on the Mac version, i.e., I have a small text window that appears, which (on the IBM) has a "Click here to go back..." button. When this appears on the Mac, it's shifted down outside the other window. I've done a few cross-platform movies, but never had this before. Thanks again! chris
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              frashjiveturkey Level 1
              Have you used font cast members? Sometimes the leading & kerning gets screwed up between platforms. Can make a drastic difference with graphics overlapping text etc.

              Check that none of the fonts being used by your text members have (missing) beside them. If they do, then the system displays these members with a 'default' font.

              If you're not changing the text of the member at any point you could try using the pre-render and save bitmap options in the text section of the property inspector.


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                Datredigital Level 1
                Don't forget about the Mac "update" a while ago. From what I've read in other forums and unbeknowst to Mac users, Apple changed the default viewer for pdf's; they open in Preview now and not in Acrobat Reader.

                I had all kinds of issues with this on my last project and even though it opened Reader a few months ago on the Mac, after an update sometime in January, the pdf's open in Preview. Unfortuntaley, some text and elements didn't appear on the screen anymore and all of my interactive buttons, etc. in the pdf no longer work in Preview, only in Reader, so I had to add a note to the CD that mac users have to click on a pdf file and tell the mac to open it using Reader not Preview. Once the user does this on their end, pdf's can be opened in Reader by default.

                Apple computers suck.
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                  frashjiveturkey Level 1
                  The default viewer thing works in a similar way to any other app on Mac or Windows. Bottom line is that the end user can specify things like that - default web browser, mp3 player. PDF's are just the same. If you need to force a CDROM to use Acrobat Reader to open a pdf you can include it on the cd rom, and use...

                  open "myDocument.pdf" with the applicationpath & "Acrobat:adobe reader"

                  And all computers suck when somthing unexpected goes wrong - my current pet hate is that 'click to activate' plugins on internet explorer, but thats another story....

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                    Datredigital Level 1
                    Thanks for the info frashjiveturkey. There have been quite a few posts looking for a work around for the Adobe Reader vs. preview issue. Thanks alot.