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    *** WARNING *** Dollar Photo Club "Migration"

    rgibbs001 Level 2

      I complained to Adobe that having accepted their offer of "migrating" my account from Dollar Photo Club I found that all my previous purchases, licence agreements, collections, etc. were missing. They referred me to DPC's FAQs where it states that the Dollar Photo Club to Adobe Stock "migration" is actually nothing of the kind, it is simply a transfer of unused credits. You get no warning of this during the process. DPC have now confirmed to me that the "migration" results in an irrecoverable auto-delete of your DPC account. You lose everything. Thanks for that, Adobe.

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          Thanks for that info rgibbs001.  I tried to go into my Dollar account and have found the same.  This leaves me in a predicament.  It would have been nice to know this up front.  Wonder what that does to our usage license for those images??  Does anyone know.

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            rgibbs001 Level 2

            Dollar Photo Club was a subsidiary of Fotolia, which itself was acquired by Adobe hence the offer, so I'm assuming the original licence agreements should apply, albeit the image owners are now represented by Adobe Stock. However, there's no guarantee that every photographer agreed to transfer to Adobe, so I would like to have had the opportunity to ensure I had proof of purchase, a copy of the licence agreement and of course the opportunity to recover purchases that I had yet to download. I also had collections that had taken hours to curate. 


            I migrated as soon as the email arrived, as it said we only had two weeks before losing our credits, and I had hundreds in the DPC bank. However, I feel Adobe has seriously misled us. This was simply a transfer of unused credits, rather than a true "migration" of our accounts. They gave no warning that using their migration service would irrecoverably auto-delete our DPC accounts.

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              rgibbs001 Level 2

              Hi Sheena, as I've already said to Bev. (Beverley Gray) that link to Fotolia and the DPC one do not help.


              Adobe have mismanaged this badly and are legally liable to honour the contracts that they acquired when they purchased Fotolia and thereby DPC.


              Firstly, our DPC credits should NOT expire if they're not used within 12 months, secondly we had the right to buy unlimited credits at $1 each for the duration of our VIP membership. We shouldn't be forced to pay $10 a month and limited to 10 images. Adobe have unilaterally changed the terms of our contracts without permission.


              It's bad enough that the "migration" was so badly botched by Adobe that I've lost images I'd already purchased, along with licence agreement and collections that took many hours to curate for future projects. You've also cost me money. OK, the individual sums are small, so I doubt I'll be bothered to issue a small claim but I would happily join a class action suit. I also intend to fire off complaints both to UK and EU consumer bodies and to the ASA and happily put myself out there to any tech bloggers who'd like to interview a very disgruntled Adobe customer about the DPC "migration" fiasco.



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                cherylega6 Level 1

                Class action sounds like a good idea because obviously Adobe could care less with their lack of responsibility response of:  Please see FAQ...  Annoying to say the least.  I have yet to encounter an FAQ that was of any help!  I still would like the issue of how our previous downloads will be addressed.  Do we still have the licenses, obviously not, because they have deleted our entire existence in DPC.  It would be nice to see Adobe come forward and address our concerns with a response that has some substance to it.  Cheryle

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                  I just transfer as today is the deadline. Unfortunately, I did not read about this before and did not back up records of my licenses. Worst. I can't even subscribe to the stock photos because my region is SEA and they tell me to contact a reseller instead

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                    I hear you all, I am not happy either. I tried to download a vector and was told I have to open it in Adobe Illustrator. There is a free trial but what about future downloads? Looks like I will have to pay more for Illustrator to download the items that I already paid for with dollar photo club. Not happy:( 

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                      rgibbs001 Level 2

                      You could try changing the .ai extension to .pdf or use open source software such as Inkscape to convert from .ai to .eps

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                        danielb95661795 Level 1

                        I lost many downloads during the transfer process... The Adobe support told be to contact the DPC support... But I can't log in to DPC to access support since my account is moved and we cannot create new account...  Result: I lost $ with that move event if email was telling:

                        But there's good news!

                        You are able to transfer your unused downloads to Adobe Stock, valid for a year, absolutely free.

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                          I'm right there with you. I did the exact same thing. I  expected my entire account to migrate to Adobe

                          When I tried to sign into Dollarphotoclub and learned that my history did not migrate they replied that if I was ever questioned about

                          purchases, to contact Adobe and they would provide purchase information for the work in question.

                          This whole takeover was badly managed by both companies. I would like answers to Cheryl' questions:


                          "Do we still have the licenses, obviously not, because they have deleted our entire existence in DPC.  It would be nice to see Adobe come forward and address our concerns with a response that has some substance to it."


                          Is anyone from Adobe responding to any of this?


                          Does anyone have a copy DPC's license agreements to share? I would like to have one on file.

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                            I was wondering the same thing re: Class Action Law Suit.

                            I was sure that I read the "fine print" when migrating over from Dollar Photo Club to Adobe Stock. WRONG.

                            I unwillingly signed up for a "1 year subscription" to Adobe Stock. The fee to cancel before the year was up was so high that it was actually cheaper to continue to pay $31.86/month for the rest of the year than cancel.

                            As a full time grad student in Design, I live paycheck to paycheck and this monthly fee has caused me to overdraw my bank account on more than 1 occasion (as the Adobe charge isn't even consistent with the dates of the charge), and this has resulted in exorbitant overdraw fees. It's honestly been such a financial fiasco all stemming from trying to purchase 2 stock photos for school.


                            It's made me rethink every program I use as a graphic designer.

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                              They should at least made up a refund plan. Same thing happens to me, or worse, since in my region Adobe Stock does not offer service or purchases!

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                                How do I do that? I had 12 pics to dowload from DPC

                                Thank you

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                                  Hi, just wondering, did you get a DPC license yet form someone or somewhere?

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                                    rgibbs001 Level 2

                                    Hi Sheena.


                                    I'd be grateful if you or another member of Adobe staff would provide the address for the service of legal papers to Adobe in the UK, as I wish to file a claim using MCOL - Money Claim Online - Welcome in regard to my Dollar Photo Club credits.



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                                      They won't be able to find your account and run you around the network with the same stupid questions. Let's be clear about this they are DELETING ACCOUNTS and telling us we have no memberships or subscriptions. Rubbish absolute rubbish. I have 185 credits owing to me.

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                                        Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                                        Hi natashar96039243


                                        I can see that you transferred unused DPC credits on 16th March, 2016.  As stated during the transfer, these credits were valid for 1 year so expired on 16th March, 2017 - there were 75 credits remaining.


                                        We are offering to reactivate the unused credits if you sign up for a Stock plan within 30 days.  Credits will be reactivated within 2 weeks of signing up.


                                        Kind regards



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                                          rgibbs001 Level 2

                                          I'm sorry Beverley, but as I said to Sheena in this post My DPD credits disappeared this is unacceptable.


                                          My contract with DPC was that my credits would never expire, nor was I required to have an ongoing subscription to stop them expiring.


                                          Adobe unilaterally changed a contract that I and many others had with DPC when they acquired Fotolia. The simplest and obvious answer would have been to transfer our DPC credits to Fotolia rather than force us into taking out an Adobe subscription to retain our own investment.


                                          I'm not willing to wait two weeks, so either credit my account immediately, and allow me to retain those credits without a subscription or agree to allow me to cancel today and give me a full refund on all unused DPC credits and Adobe credits and subscriptions without my incurring any penalties.


                                          I'm afraid that unless get a satisfactory resolution within the next 24 hours, I will claim deadlock and file a money claim online with HM Courts Service to recover credits, subscriptions, damages and costs and hopefully set a precedent under UK law for other DPC customers to make claims against Adobe.


                                          I will also be writing a personal snail-mail letter to Shantanu Narayen, copied to the entire Adobe board, asking them to investigate this situation as I believe Adobe has committed and is continuing to commit serious offences under UK and EU consumer law.

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                                            Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                                            Hi rgibbs001


                                            My reply was in response to post 16 from a different customer - sorry for any confusion caused.


                                            I understand your concerns and have escalated to the appropriate group.  We will be in touch as soon as we have an update.


                                            Kind regards



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                                              rgibbs001 Level 2

                                              Hi Beverley.


                                              Thanks for the update, I contacted Maidenhead reception by phone earlier today and they have informed me they will accept being served a money claim online in regard to Adobe Stock, so unless this matter is resolved within 24 hours, I will file a claim and at that point Adobe then risks becoming liable for damages and costs as well as a full refund of all credits and subscriptions.


                                              I will also suggest to the Adobe legal team that they contact you directly for detailed information on how this fiasco is affecting the many DPC members. I imagine you're in a strong position to advise them as to who is personally responsible at Adobe for failing to manage this matter in accordance with UK and EU consumer law.


                                              As previously stated, once I have filed a claim with HM Court Service, I will also be writing a personal snail-mail letter to Shantanu Narayen and the entire Adobe board enclosing a copy of my claim, and informing them of this situation and asking them to investigate urgently on behalf of the many disaffected DPC members, suggesting they have a duty of care  on behalf of Adobe shareholders that Adobe doesn't risk substantial fines from both the UK and EU consumer governing bodies regarding this matter.


                                              Thanks again for your help.



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                                                natashar96039243 Level 1

                                                Hi Beverly -

                                                I'm surprised you were able to find me in your system - yesterday on the phone I didn't even exist &

                                                the customer service I received was absolutely disgusting.

                                                A courtesy email 2 weeks prior to the plan I was on ending is good business.

                                                This is our money that we have used to purchase these credits and we were given the run around with Dollar Photo Club.

                                                Communication is key.


                                                Now let me ask this:

                                                I will receive all 75 credits when I sign up to a Stock Plan? No loopholes or fine print?

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                                                  rgibbs001 Level 2


                                                  Dear Mr Gibbs


                                                  As you know, when Dollar Photo Club closed last year, existing customers had the opportunity to transfer unused downloads to Adobe Stock, valid for 1 year.  Additionally, there was an option to sign up for an Adobe Stock subscription at a promotional price for the first year.


                                                  As an exception and gesture of goodwill, we can cancel and refund your Adobe Stock subscription if you do not wish to use these credits or continue with the subscription.  Additionally, we will reinstate your remaining 141 DPC credits for another year.


                                                  Please let me know if you wish to accept this.


                                                  Kind regards




                                                  Dear Beverley


                                                  Thank you for your preliminary offer to settle in advance of my filing a claim against Adobe.


                                                  When Adobe acquires a company, it acquires that company's legal liabilities and contractual obligations, it doesn't get to arbitrarily rewrite existing contracts to suit itself. I require that Adobe immediately reinstate the remaining 141 DPC credits without my requiring an Adobe stock subscription and that the credits will not expire, ever, as per my contractual agreement with DPC which Adobe is required to honour under UK and EU law.


                                                  Please confirm by return that you agree to put be back in the position I was with DPC prior to Adobe's acquisition of Fotolia or agree in writing that we are deadlocked and you accept that I will proceed to file a claim to seek a full refund, compensation, damages and costs.


                                                  In the event that Adobe requires me to a file a claim, I reserve the right to do so publicly and to publish worldwide and without restriction all content that references myself, Adobe and my claim.


                                                  Thanks in advance for your prompt co-operation.





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                                                    rgibbs001 Level 2


                                                    Dear Richard


                                                    I am working with another team on your case and will get back to you as soon I hear from them.


                                                    Thank you for your patience.


                                                    Kind regards




                                                    I suggest you tell the other team to get in touch with Adobe's legal team, as this applies to all DPC customers, as I've repeatedly said, when Adobe acquired Fotolia-DPC, it acquired all their contractual obligations and liabilities, Adobe is not allowed to arbitrarily rewrite contracts to suit itself. I suggest you ensure that you have covered yourself Beverley, by referring this to Adobe's counsel, as I will be litigating this if it isn't resolved by close of play on Monday, 3rd April, and I will naming you as the point of reference for Adobe's legal team, as well as the Board, when I file the claim.



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                                                      Does everyone need to threaten to sue Adobe to get an extension of our DPC credits for another year.



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                                                        signamigo Level 1

                                                        I don't even want to stay on board with this company. But it seems as if you're locked in if you don't cancel within their time window. Either pay they're high late fee or suck it up and pay $30 a month. Huge mistake staying on when Adobe took over.


                                                        If you a member of any type of online design community or forum, but sure to warn it's members of these business practices.

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                                                          rgibbs001 Level 2

                                                          It really shouldn't be necessary, and I'm surprised Adobe are dragging this out. I can only assume that no-one at Adobe has yet informed their legal dept. of these issues. I would hope they would immediately recognise that Adobe is likely to find themselves open to massive fines being levied by the UK and EU consumer bodies, for breaching EU law, as has happened to Apple and Microsoft in the past.

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                                                            rgibbs001 Level 2

                                                            On 3 Apr 2017, at 18:36, J. Scott Evans wrote:

                                                            Mr. Gibbs:


                                                            Thank you for contacting us regarding your concerns. This matter has been passed to me for review and consideration. I am investigating this matter and I hope to have more information for you later this week.


                                                            Thanks in advance for your consideration.


                                                            Kind regards.


                                                            J. Scott Evans

                                                            Director, Associate General Counsel




                                                            Dear Mr. Evans,


                                                            I have been arguing this point for over a year now, as have many other extremely disgruntled former customers of Fotolia-Dollar Photo Club.


                                                            When Adobe acquires a company it also acquires that company's contractual obligations and liabilities. Adobe is not entitled to arbitrarily rewrite those contracts without the express permission of the customers effected, it cannot simply impose on them any solution it so chooses.


                                                            Unless my DPC credits are restored with confirmation that they will not ever expire, or Adobe agrees to refund them at today's market value within the next seven days, I will on Monday 10 April 2017 file a money claim online (MCO) with the UK Courts Service, requesting a refund, compensation, damages and costs. I will also be copying each member of the Adobe Board into my claim via courier.


                                                            I should also point out that I believe Adobe is laying itself wide open to substantial fines from both the UK and EU consumer councils as Apple and Microsoft have previously discovered to their cost when not abiding by EU-wide regulations regarding consumer rights. If I am forced into filing an MCO, I will also place all the submitted evidence of what I and many others believe is Adobe's unlawful practices in regard to this matter with the UK European Consumer Centre.


                                                            As previously stated, unless this matter is now settled urgently and to my satisfaction, I also intend do everything in my power to ensure that this issue receives the maximum publicity I am capable of generating on behalf of myself and the thousands of other deeply unhappy former Fotolia-DPC customers.





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                                                              rgibbs001 Level 2


                                                              Mr. Gibbs:


                                                              Thank you for setting out your position so clearly. I will back with you in due course.


                                                              J. Scott Evans

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                                                                leblancatonk Level 1

                                                                It's clear, whomever is managing the Adobe Stock division, is clearly out to rip customers off

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                                                                  What's the latest update in this saga Rich?

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                                                                    rgibbs001 Level 2

                                                                    I contacted Adobe's legal counsel, J. Scott Evans and have had my DPC credits restored indefinitely without requiring a continuing subscription. I was under the impression that all former DPC customers were now to receive the same treatment. If not, Adobe is laying itself open to massive regulatory fines by both the UK and the EU consumer bodies. I'd contact customer support again, and if they refuse to restore you to the position you had before Adobe acquired Fotolia-DPC, then I recommend you email J. Scott Evans and insist they intervene and rectify the situation immediately.

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                                                                      jodiem13263284 Level 1

                                                                      Thanks for the update. How do know how many credits you had with DPC?

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                                                                        rgibbs001 Level 2

                                                                        You're most welcome! I saw the number of credits I held at DPC at the point of migration.

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                                                                          same thing had happened to me - losing credits at the end of the 12 month period. A support call was needed to reallocate the missing credits to my account - i renewed to another 12 months - not realising that i could have an option to continue without a stock subscription like you have been offered. (so the advice is not transparently applied to all past DPC members) but will take the hit for 12 months because i'm uncertain if the Australian consumer protections are as easy to enforce as the EU. The Australian govt are more about protecting overseas business rather than protecting the rights of the consumer!


                                                                          With the sale of the DPC existing subscribers have been left with a very different service than we had originally signed to.


                                                                          1. some stock costs more than the credits your subscription service offers (premium photos, videos etc), when ideally you should be able to allocate a group of credits to buy a more premium offering rather than pay additional money for premium files and leave unused credits month to month because the choice quality of regular stock seems to be getting lower.

                                                                          2. some stock has been converted to a different format than originally supplied (zip files vs .ai file) and this has resulted in the need to purchase/licence specialised software, that wasn't needed when sold via DPC (ie . Seamless patterns require a bit of reworking to be used for the intended purpose when downloaded via adobe stock)

                                                                          3. I would have expected to have seen our historical licenses for purchased stock be transferred from DPC to Adobe, as this essentially requires us to repurchase licenses of existing stock in a new system to honour licensing requirements, this further devalues the benefit of transferring DPC membership across to Adobe Stock.

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                                                                            I just found out that dollar photo club closed, and I had photos I paid for in my account.  how do I access them through Adobe?  I realize it's been over a year, but i didn't receive any notificationa about this.