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    Path Problem


      I'm having problems with sound in loaded external .swf files.
      The main .swf file has a movieclip called 'loadOnMe' which various .swf files are loaded into.

      But when I use attachSound in the external .swf files, the sound does seem to be picked up, I think it's a path issue.

      In the main (hub) .swf I set up some global sounds like so (eight in all) ...

      _global.SoundOne = new Sound(_root.mc1);
      _global.SoundTwo = new Sound(_root.mc2);

      So with the external clips I at first tried..

      _global.SoundOne = attachSound('externalSound1');

      But that didn't work, so I thought I tried putting all sounds in the hub movie, which worked but made the hub huge, so I abandoned that idea.

      I then thought maybe a external .swf couldn't add sound to a parent movie's 'sound channels', so I tried this instead..

      externalMovie1 = new Sound(this);
      externalMovie1 = attachSound('externalSound1');

      But still no joy. If anyone has some advice, or an example of external swfs being loaded woith their own sounds that would be great.

      Many thanks for your time.