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    How about a demo with desktop designs?

    davetross68 Level 1

      Mobile designs are nice, but it would be nice to see how you handle larger designs. Or maybe demos showing several design sizes on one board and how to scale things between sizes...

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          We've definitely had some users work with larger artboards, which is why we have some web artboard presets. Regarding scaling between sizes, though, that's a separate request for features that support responsive web design. You can add your thoughts to this UserVoice idea: Responsive artboards – Adobe XD Feedback : Feature Requests & Bugs


          I'll reach out to our team to see what we can do about providing more samples for larger artboard sizes.





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            I noticed while working on a website design, when previewing the prototype there is no way to zoom into the design. My specific issue right now is I have a home page which scrolls 3 time the length of a webpage live screen area. When I preview the prototype, I see the entire length of my web page instead of a web page that fills the screen and is scrollable. With the little use I've had with this application I'm seriously in love with it's features and functions. This detail is a large speed bump as it stand now. I notice the "view" menu when viewing the preview of the prototype has the ability to zoom, however it is screened back… I'm hopeful this feature will be available soon. Any insight would be appreciated.

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              Corrinna Rainwater Adobe Employee

              Hey Timothy,


              unfortunately we can't give you a date only that is is in our backlog and we will work on it!


              Def. post here or in user voice and let us know how you envision the feature to work, this will help us come up with a useful solution!

              Thanks, Corrinna

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                Thom Hayes Level 1

                I'm having a similar issue at the moment too. Not so much the scrolling side to things (although that would be ace!) More that the preview squashes everything down to fit inside the smaller window inside the preview screen.

                There should be an option to view the content at its actual artboard size, which in my case is larger than the preview window.


                Cheers, Thom