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    Cannot print from Acrobat or Reader


      I can print from every other app!


      It goes through the in-app process but then it stalls on "Printing - Looking for printer…" in the queue. The printer shows as being "in use" in the preference pane.


      Please note that, while these are my current configurations, this was happening before I upgraded OS and Acrobat(s):

      Mac OS El Capitan

      EPSON WF-3540 (USB connection)

      Acrobat CC 2015

      Acrobat Reader DC 2015


      I look forward to hearing any ideas as to how to remedy this!


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          YatharthS Adobe Employee

          Hi alexisrachel ,


          Please provide the exact dot version of the software & OS installed at your system .Also check whether is there any update available for the software after going through "help > check for updates "

          Follow this thread to reset the preferences for the Acrobat software :- How to reset Preference settings in Acrobat.

          Please refer to this KB article :- Troubleshoot PDF printing in Adobe Acrobat and Reader

          If issue still persist, please check with the different user account with the admin rights to replicate the issue .




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            I also have this issue, and have been having it for two years, through various versions of the Mac OS, from 10.10 to 10.13.2 (current), as well as incarnations of Windows 10, to my Epson 7610, both wireless and hardwired. However, printing wirelessly (and wired) to the OKI B720n prints without any issue. It seems to be an issue with Acrobat's internal spooling to the Epson, and is *incredibly* frustrating, as it renders filling out Acrobat Forms useless. It's driving me insane. I've deleted the printer and re-added it. I've made sure the software for the printer is updated. The printer is a wireless printer on my network using an Apple Airport Extreme and and Airport Express. And again, hardwired has the same issue.


            Currently using:
            Acrobat Pro DC
            Mac OS 10.13.2
            Epson WF-7610