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    Upgrade to Win 10 - lightroom freezes for 1 minute on startup


      Hello All;


      Recently upgraded from Win 7 do Win 10.  A few days no problems -

      but since short I notice Lightroom freezes for +- 60 seconds or longer upon startup.

      After that seems to be functioning normal.

      O mostly annoying - not major but would like to get it fixed.



      Steps taken :

      - unchecking the 'USE GPU' in the performance tab in Preferences - doesn't help.

      - searched for info via Google but did not find anything.


      ALso I noticed the 'export video' button in presentations screen was not functioning today -

      don't know if this is often the case and if it is linked anyhow.



      don't know if this has impact - but I had a problem as well with Kaspersky

      after upgrading to Win 10. They proposed some tweeks in the windows host file

      as a solution.


      Hopefully somebody sees some light.



      Best regards,


      Jan Vereertbrugghen