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    Set All Buttons/Textfields wich contains a specific name to read only false


      Hello everybody,


      i need help with my interactive pdf document.

      I've designed a document with checkboxes , textfields and signature fields.

      I am working as a safety specialist and our clients get a report of all.

      The Issue with my document is that, if i assemble all my documents togehter all fields get new names.


      When i've finished the fill out process of all fields, there should be a button for wich sets all fields except for these wich contains the word "Link" in there name to readonly = true.


      I've tried a lot but nothing really worked.

      I was able to change the properties of all fields of a specific type or wich contains an explicit name, but caused of the renaming of the reader after the  assembly the name of my "Link"field could be "Link_1" or sth. like that.


      So i need a code wich changes all properties of the field except my fields with the name Link in it.


      I tried sth. like this:


      for ( var i=0; i<this.numFields; i++) {

      var fname = this.getNthFieldName(i);

      if (this.getField(fname).startsWith(Link))

      this.getField(fname).readonly = false; }




      Looking forward to some helpful replies.

      Thanks a lot and best regards.