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    Adobe Illustrator Icons dont translate to XD as "shapes". Can you add an Icon library?


      I've already created an app, in Illustrator, and I'd like to translate it quickly to XD. However, I keep finding that if I copy and paste vector icons in Illustrator into XD, it comes in as a very blurry graphic, not vector/shape file. (A feature thats available from Illustrator ---> Photoshop). It would be awesome if we could import maybe the icons we created in vector form in Illustrator (because I'm still not seeing that they are as easy to create in XD), to import the files into XD, into an Icon Library, so if you want to reuse icons from your app you could simply open the library and drag and drop and resize (like a vector). This would make that process even better and faster. Right now, Im seeing my only option to make sure the icons are clean and clear, and sizable upon export is to recreate them in XD.


      Am I missing a feature/step/option?