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    Daylight Savings Time, Date() one hour behind (Flex 2.01)

    EvolvedDSM Level 2
      I was looking at date and time values in a database tied to an application we use. Any entries made to the database are coming up one hour behind the system time. The date and time values are captured using new Date(). I checked back far enough to determine that the time is off by one hour right after Daylight Savings Time jumped forward on March 7th.

      On the PC running the application, the time and date are correct and I do have the option selected to "automatically adjust clock for daylight savings changes". When I turned this option off and adjusted the time accordingly, the time in the database is correct.

      How can I get correct time values with the DST change option turned on? Our PC's have a group policy that defaults the date/time settings to ON for the DST change option, so I cannot keep toggling this OFF every time we restart the PC. I've been reading about needing to update our JVM or the J2EE version? But I'm not 100% sure this is what i need. Our Flex app runs out of J2EE (java's glassfish) and it uses Flex version 2.01 with Flex Data Services.