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    My sync status is stuck at 1%. How can I export?


      Hi! I've been attempting to export a 16 minute edit to Premiere Pro, but my sync status from Premiere Clip to Adobe Cloud has been stuck at 1% for hours. I've tried restarting the app, I've tested my wifi connection, I've tried making sure my screen stays on, but nothing seems to be working to get this project off of my device. Any ideas?



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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          Hi Ben,


          Sorry to hear your experiencing difficulty syncing to the Creative Cloud. Hopefully we can figure out what the issue is.


          - What device and OS do you have?

          - What is your upload speed?

          - When uploading are you making sure to keep Premiere Clip in the foreground?


          I've done some testing with long duration projects and yes it can take a while to get past that 1% mark but it does eventually. Assuming you have an average upload connection, I would expect you may have to wait 2-3hrs for 16min of HD video to upload.


          Clip does provide background uploading support but there are cases where the OS will kill the process to preserve memory. Best practice is to leave the app in the foreground when possible.


          Peter Garaway

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            kirker Level 4

            Hi Ben,

            Thanks for posting. Were you able to find success with Peter's post? Please feel free to post again. We'd love to know how you're doing with the app and if you are still in need of assistance.



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              markj9221381 Level 1



              I seem to be experiencing the same issue as the OP.


              My 7min video has been stuck at 1% for days after following the previous suggestions above. Before posting, my last attempt at getting this working was to remove any clips that are over 500mb (a couple). Most files are sitting around 30 - 80mb so I would expect to see a change in the percentage value by now.


              At this time, my 'workaround' would be to redo the entire sequence in PP Pro, copying all files over manually.


              Any suggestions appreciated.