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    How to us French curve?


      i just downloaded this app today.  As I'm poking around to understand the various tools, I select the French curve. However, it seems that the tutorials are sorely lacking.


      Maybe I'm missing something?


      Please advise.




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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Ei ecstewart,


          To use the French Curve:


          • First choose the icon in the upper right that has a triangle on a circle. This opens the shape menu.
          • Then, under French Curves, choose the desired curve shape.
          • With the curve showing on the canvas, drag with one finger on the curve to position it.
          • With the curve showing, pinch with two fingers to resize the curve large or smaller.
          • With the curve showing, twirl two fingers to rotate the curve.


          Once the curve is in position, use any drawing tool to trace over the curve outline. The pen/brush will follow the contour of the curve exactly.

          Reposition and resize as needed to continue drawing.


          • When you're through with the curve, tap the "X" button below the curve to dismiss it.