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    RSL hell

    Antoine Alberti
      I'm trying to build a modular flex Webtop, and I can't find the right solution for managing dependencies the right way.

      The case is the following. Application A dynamically loads and manages sub-applications S1, S2, S3. A depends on the library L in version 1.0, S1 depends on L in version 2.0 or compatible, S2 depends on L in version 2.1 or compatible, S3 uses L in version 3. Versions 2.0 and 2.1 of L are compatible, but not version 1, 2, and 3.

      In order to avoid updating every application or sub application when L is updated, I'd prefer sharing the same library between applications. And I would like each application or sub application to use its own version of the library.

      I assume that my flex infrastructure can discover available library versions, and find the right URL for them.

      All I need is a way to sandbox every application or sub-application regarding the use of a run-time loaded shared library. I can implement an OSGi-like infrastructure if I have the right plugs for it.

      Apparently there are solutions for supporting several versions of the flex framework in the same application, but I couldn't find the right approach for other common libraries.

      Does anybody have a clue?

      Thanks in advance.