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    Correct ColdFusion Licensing




      Need advise on the correct licensing for my server below:


      Server 1: 4 Virtual Core

      Server 2: 2 Virtual Core



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          nic_tunney Adobe Community Professional

          Let me direct you to the EULA, which you should review as my thoughts are superseded by whatever you find there: http://wwwimages.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/legal/licenses-terms/pdf/ColdFusion-2016.pd f


          The licensing for CF seems to change with every new release, and CF 2016 is no different.  For Enterprise Edition, CF 2016 requires that each production server retain its own license, and that single Enterprise license will cover a single physical or virtual server instance up to 8 cores on that machine (CF 11 was licensed for up to 2 cores per license).  Skip down to 3.1.1 to see an example of licensing (physical or VM) based on number of cores.  CF Standard edition is still licensed by the number of cores allotted to the server or VM instance (2 cores per license).  Refer to 3.1.2 for an example of CF Standard licensing.


          The important thing is to determine if Server 1 and Server 2 each need to be licensed independently.  If Server 2 is a development server, such as a test environment, the same license you are using on Server 1 can be used on Server 2 as well (refer to section 3.1.3).

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            Keanjoe Level 1

            Thank you Nic, you have been very resourceful to me.