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    New computer, lightroom still slow (yet again)

    getho Level 2

      Lightroom CC (up to date)

      i7 5820 (not overclocked yet), 64gb ram, GTX970: have the same sort of glitches I had in my old systems: slow refresh of the UI. Takes a second or so for the grad edit pins to appear. Can take up to 11 seconds for a photo to finish loading (the loading symbol goes away but the photo remains blurry) when switching to a new photo in develop mode, occasional screen blackouts (graphics card related?). 


      I have 1:1 previews, I optimised the catalogue.  I just copied it and the previews onto an SSD and its made no difference.   Having the actual images on an ssd also seems to make no difference. (when I've done it in the past).

      I increased the camera raw cache to 50gb.


      I tried exporting just this months photos into a separate catalogue (with 1:1 and smart previews), if anything it was slower.


      I don't know about anyone else but I'd be delighted if adobe announced they were not going to add any more features to LR for the next year so they could focus on re-writing it in a grown-up programming language.  (If its not LUA thats to blame, then there must be another reason why lightroom is the only software that in 2016 is slow enough for me to see the interface being drawn).