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    Center Text & Center Anchor Point

    Team Castle

      How you do center text vertically and horizontally as well as the anchor point. In premiere pro, you can easily hit two buttons and center everything...why not in After Effects??

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You use center paragraph in the paragraph styles to center text on the first line on the baseline. You use a baseline offset to send her to the text by lowering the baseline.  The height of the font varies greatly depending on the design. It also makes a difference if you are using both upper and lower case letters.


          While it's not completely automatic it works just fine once you get used to the interface.

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            berzins Level 1

            Actually ... if You use Align tool with "Align to Composition" setting activated, it centers Text Layer in both, X and Y axes, no matter where the anchor point is, and not depending on Text Paragraph aligning. After this, You can just parent it to the new Null, if you wanna do some transformations & animations...