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    in Acrobat DC-I would like to change the font of a text field to strikethrough after I check the checkbox next to it.


      I am working on a document in Acrobat DC and want to be able to use the check boxes like a checklist. Once the box is checked I want the font in the text field the check box is associated with to have a strikethrough font.

      Is this something that would need javascript?

      The textfield name is 4MedHistoryMedication1 and it already has Calibri as the font type.

      The checkbox is named 4MedHistoryMed_1_RXonFile

      When the checkbox 4MedHistoryMed_1_RXonFile is checked, then the text in 4MedHistoryMedication1 will be Calibri ; So any text content already typed into that text field will get the strikethrough font.

      Please remember I am not familiar with Javascript.