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    Adobe Animate and Character Animator Together

    Draceon Level 1

      Adobe animate is a software meant to be used for all sorts of professional 2d artists. Adobe character animator is meant to make the work easier for the animators. It would be cool if this feature were implemented directly into Adobe animate, think of the possibilities!


      Excited about the future of 2d animation as always. Cant wait to see what you guys have to say!

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          Uli Grimm Level 1



          I am very interested in this subject as well !


          It is a bit confusing and I would like to ask Adobe what their opinion is.


          What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two apps (Animate and Character Animator)?

          Is there any kind of workflow ? (Like using character animator for faces and do the rest in Animate...)


          It is not helpful to have several apps that seem to be supposed to do similar things and no obvious idea behind it !


          Hope that somebody from Adobe is answering this and please not like "may be in the near future".

          It is about NOW. If the two departments are so different they do not talk to each other, pleas be open and tell us.




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            Draceon Level 1

            Technically flash is meant for frame by frame animation and all the sort of manual 2d animations that take a while to do. Character animator is meant to work with after effects. Still, I would feel a lot more comfortable being able to work with both together.


            Instead of spending hours on lip sync and basic animations in animate, I'll be able to focus my efforts on more complex stuff and still have that basic foundation.

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