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    Adobe Premiere Elements 13 crashes on launch.


      On startup, error "Adobe Premiere Elements 13 has stopped working" appears, and clicking Debug does nothing. I run Windows 10, but this is the first problem I've had since purchasing Premiere. I created this new thread because I can't find a successful solution documented in any thread. Any help, or a link to a thread I overlooked, would be greatly appreciated.


      Edit: I don't know if this helps, but the specific program it stops on at startup is  ImporterQuickTime.prm

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          Duke Green Level 1

          Seems to be a common result of lots of Windows programs these days. I had that a while back and this is what worked for me, finally.


          I went into the BIOS (F2 on startup) and reset my options to default. I don't recall making any strange adjustments to it previously, but it did fix the troubles I was having.


          There will be much more helpful input coming. There are a few gurus here that have a wealth of knowledge (I don't count myself among them). Hope it is as easy a fix for you as it was for me.




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            gregs62401457 Level 1

            Thanks for your input. The Key for mine is shift+f10, but i did not see an option to restore default, and I can only assume what is there has always been. I also tried reinstalling premiere, but it only booted up for a second before crashing with the same error.


            Update: After 4 hours of watching Adobe support tinker with my files, they concluded it was my Nvidia GTX 765M graphics card causing issues with Adobe Premiere. After a little tinker, I found that if I go to the Nvidia control panel -> manage 3D settings -> gloabl settings -> and put 'Preferred Graphics processor' to auto-select, the issue gets fixed.