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    Manual renumbering of footnotes... Possible?

    Cobalt Praetorian

      I have a book that has two footnotes that are identical, separated by two other footnotes. #38 and 41 are identical. 39 and 40 are unique to themselves. I want to combine the reference for 38 and 41 to appear as "38, 41 [Footnote text]." This works in that the in-text footnote references remain the same, and deleting the 41 footnote removes it from the page.


      Unfortunately, the NEXT footnote then renumbers itself as 41, instead of remaining 42, 43, and so on.


      How can I manually renumber the remaining footnotes (all six of them) while maintaining the combined 38/41 footnotes? I cannot for the life of me find any way to manually renumber the footnotes, which is the only thing I need to do.


      For reference, I cannot restart footnote numbering every section, nor every page, nor every spread. This is not a viable solution. The footnotes need to remain in sequential order throughout the text, not restart throughout.


      If it matters, I am using CS6 on a Win7 x64 PC.