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    header with topic name

    AnitaUK Level 1

      I am just changing from robohelp 5 to 8 and having a nightmare trying to understand these master pages (was templates).

      I would like to create a header that contains only the name of the topic i have open.

      Is there a html command that i can use to insert the topic name into the header? Or, do i need to create a user variable with a string? Any help would be appreciated.

      Header Example: (i want to also put a banner behind this text)

      Manual Name
      Topic (???????)
      Send Feedback (hyperlink)
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          MergeThis Level 4
          You could very simply enable Breadcrumbs, which would display the current topic name in addition to its complete TOC path. No work required in templates or topics, at all!

          Simply check the Add Breadcrumbs Links box in the Navigation panel of the second Generate wizard window. Click the Format button to access another window (looks like putting a banner behind this text would require some manual work on your part).

          Good luck,
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            RoboWizard Level 4
            Hi Anita

            Have you tried the following?
            Edit the Master Page.
            Click inside the Body area.
            Add a new line at the top of the body text. Perhaps format as Heading 1.
            Click Insert > Fields and Variables > Title.

            Please give that a shot and see if it comes close to what you are looking to achieve.

            Cheers... Rick
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              AnitaUK Level 1
              Thanks for the replies guys.

              I followed RoboWizard help and that worked a treat.