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    Fundamental need of HTML5 ad banners is...

    matthew stuart Level 2

      ...clickTags... and it's not something you can directly implement within Edge/Animate!


      It really ought to be built into Edge/Animate rather than have to hand code it once you've published. Almost anywhere I work uses Edge/Animate to create HTML5 banners now, so how are they tracking clicks? Google Web Designer has the ability built in!


      I can get a clickTag to work on an ad once I have published it from Edge, but it wraps the whole advert stage and is clickable all of the time. I am trying to activate a clickTag button between 10 seconds and 15 seconds only (regulations of the financial sector mean I have to show Ts&Cs before a user can click the ad). Surely somebody out there has needed to implement this prior to myself, or even have multiple buttons register different clickTag stats.


      So, can we have this ability added to Edge/Animate please?