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    Purchasing new iMac for AE animation

    l.salvioni Level 1

      Hi, I've been asked by my boss what kind of machine would I need for what I do.


      I work in a graphic design agency and my field spans from retouching to layout to animation and video editing.


      Since I suppose the latter is the most hardware-demanding task on my list, I suppose I should buy a machine oriented to that.


      We work in a Mac environment and taking a look around the net I have seen mixed opinions on this matter.


      I think an iMac would be the best solution for me but the apple online store doesn't allow much configuration choices:

      the non-retina iMac won't let you choose between CPUs and both systems use the integrated GPU Intel iris.


      Some other opinions were about refurbished iMacs that would be better.


      I'm a bit lost here. Do you have any suggestion?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 7

          I wouldn't buy a Mac from Apple.  I'd use one of the reputable resellers.  Mac Warehouse comes to mind.  You'll pay less and get far more hardware options.

          If you'll be doing serious video editing -- using Premiere Pro, I presume --  ask about hardware specs on the PP forum.

          But there are a few things you can count on getting, no matter the final system specs:

          • Fast processors and lots of them
          • A system drive devoted to nothing but OS & applications -- no user files
          • A whole boatload of memory -- max it out
          • Fast external drives, probably in a RAID configuration, and a fast connection
          • Dual monitors to keep your sanity and speed work
          • A big internal SSD for the AE Caches

          Once it arrives, have your IT person IMMEDIATELY update the OS before any software is installed.  Then (s)he can proceed with installing the Adove Creative cloud apps, and IMMEDIATELY updating them.  Here's an important part -- also install Creative Cloud 2014, and immediately check for any updates.  Why?  AE CC 2015 can't use multiprocessing but AE CC 2014 can -- faster rendering, y'know --  plus it can open AE CC 2015 project files.

          Once everything's running nicely, CLONE THAT SYSTEM DRIVE!

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            l.salvioni Level 1

            Hi Dave and thanks for your quick and accurate reply.

            (And sorry I'm so late...)