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    Color Themes: My Themes not showing in AE



      I have this strange problem. The Adobe Color Themes panel works fine in After Effects, but I can's see my own saved themes. In the My Themes tab there is a message: "You must sign in to view My Themes. You can access "sign in" from the help menu." Well, of course I'm signed in, in the help menu it displays my Adobe ID as well. So why doesn't this panel see that I already am signed in?

      I tried signing out and back in again, but it doesn't help.

      In Photoshop (2015.1.2), the Color Themes extension does show My Themes. Also, when I log in through the Adobe Color Themes website, I can create and save themes, so it looks like it's a problem related to AE, not Color Themes...

      Searching themes works as it should by the way, creating a theme works as well, but then, because I'm 'not signed in', I can't save it. A solution would be appreciated! I'm on AE

      Thanks, Bart