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    Collaborative work - magazine creation




      I work for a magazine. We externalize all the creative work, we are only journalists.

      We send the articles to an agency with the visuals (photos, etc...) and they create the magazine with inDesign.


      We are currently using a Dropbox to access the same files. They make modifications, and we then open the document to verify the changes, and also correct some texts sometimes.


      My problem is, since we are both working on the same documents, conflict copies are created and sometimes we end up with several files, forcing the agency to look inside all of them to see the modifications we asked. This generate oversights and bad workflow.

      My question : is there a way to do collaborative work, to be able to open the same document at the same time ? (maybe with creative cloud). Also, I know there is a link possible with inCopy, but with it, what can we do and what can we not do ?


      Thank you very much in advance for your replies.