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    HOW TO: Stroke Paths/Vectors (Ai) in After Effects.


      I am using vector maps of cities (e.g. ScalableMaps: Royalty-free, editable vector maps of the world) and hoping to 'Auto-Stroke' their multiple paths in Ae for a 'busy-traffic-electric-circuit-animation'.


      • Opening them in Illustrator, I find them composed of 'Paths'; are these different to 'Vectors'?


      • Importing the Ai File into After Effects, I have several options I am unsure how to use:
        • Import As: Footage/Composition?
        • Sequence Options: Illustrator/PDF/EPS Sequence?


      • Once imported, there are many different methods I've found or researched, please elaborate the effects of each (some methods replace the Paths with Shapes, what possibilities does this process entail?):
        • Create Shapes from Vector Layer:
          • Adding: Path, Fill, Stroke, Merge Paths, Offset Paths, Trim Paths
        • Auto-Trace
        • FX Stroke: Masks, Stroke Sequentially, Paint Style


      Please elaborate these different functions and their usefulness considering my objectives. Thank you for your time and patience!