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    File Upload using Flash8

      I want to create a Flash page which allows user to upload files. The scripting language for the server would be JSP using tomcat.

      Can any1 tell me where I could find a tutorial in this matter, coz...I see php and flash interaction all around the net?? If some1 could post the code on JSP for doing this it would hep me completely, since I have already done the Flash 8 upload code as follows:
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          I have the JSP code and you can find the library for uploading files in the java site

          my problem is that everything works fine with html and jsp but not with flash and jsp...

          I'm using pretty much the same code as you are and when I make the call for upload() it finishes with no errors, but the files at the server never arrived... what is happening?

          By the way... there is no security error thrown either... please help us!
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            FileReference.upload in JSP problem

            Help !!!
            We've succesfully implemented file upload via flash in jsp tomcat (using FileReference.upload() in actionscript 2.0 ), but for some reason, parameters posted in the url to the file upload handling script (ej. "uploadScript.jsp?id=1") are lost, ie: the id=1 is lost.
            To double check flash correctly sending params , we've implemented the same flash object in php and parameters are posted fine.
            Any Ideas, I'm desperate.