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    Soft Proofing and Adjustment Brush / Spot Removal issues

    Bernd Rac Level 1


      since the last upgrade (at least i think) to 6.5 i run into a issue when soft proofing is turned on. Especially the adjustment brush and the spot removal brush is not working smoothly. The first issue is that when trying to make the brush smaller or bigger (keyboard and tablet) the brush does not show the size right away have to either move the brush outside the window or click on the image to see the actually size of the brush (both adjustment and spot removal brush) and the spot removal is very slow and if i want to move the part i want to remove to make it look better it does not update right away when moving . Also when using either of the brushes the computer fans start to kick in and working hard . Tried to both GPU on and off same result. but as soon i turn soft proofing off the brushes work as expected and also the fans stay off


      so if anybody has issues with those two brushes you might want to look int he option to see if soft proofing is turned on