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    I need to select certain lines and change their properties.  I could in past Acrobat versions.  How do I do it now?

    marka10033286 Level 1

      I am stuck with Acrobat Pro XI.  I have downloaded tools named:

      • AGI All
      • RFP tools
      • Rich Media Set


      Guess what?  Nothing will allow me to:

      • Select lines,
      • Use a right-mouse menu to access line properties, and
      • Change the color of the lines from yellow to black (while leaving other lines as red and dark blue).


      These lines are part of drawings created in AutoCAD.


      In previous versions of Acrobat Pro, I could select individual lines, open a properties window (using a right-click menu), and change the color of the selected lines.


      How do I select the lines and change their properties?