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    ADE for Windows,  no JavaScript reading?




      i'm doing a serie of books on ePub3 format.

      I'm including some basic scripting on certain files, particularly a JS script called "balance-text", tha uses Jquery for compensating the lines of headers when they spread on more than 1 line.


      it works fine on serveral e-readers, including ADE for MacOS...

      but on WIndows, latest version of ADE, the result is weird: it renders only the first word of the headers that has a "balance-text" class which is the trgger for the script to work.


      again. it works well on ADE-Mac,  but not on windows.


      any idea on why is this so, and if it is possible to solve it?


      thank you!


      pablo nolla


      a DropBox link to the file is availblle on request.