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    PDF Signature disappears upon print » please help!

    Leprakawn Level 1

      Hello, all!


      I am trying to figure out why my supervisor's PDFs occasionally do not work correctly. He signs the PDF, and then he forwards it to his supervisor for his signature...


      And the unfortunate news here is that he is unable to digitally sign the PDF for some odd reason. Something about the IBM version or whatever that means. So, instead of him digitally signing the files, he prints it. And when he does that...


      My supervisor's digital signature disappears.

      Look at this print preview, the [highlighted] bottom right box is empty. capture - sign PDF.jpgBut if you look at the file itself, it is included.capture - sign PDF-.jpg


      Key note is that this happens sporadically, and I am not certain as to what is causing the issue. So, hopefully someone here can help out? Many thanks in advance!!