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    converting to Excel


      With older versions of acrobat, it used to be very easy for me to convert pdfs with several columns of data into an Excel document that could be used for data analysis with only minimal formatting changes.  I would simply open Excel, open a pdf file within excel, and insert column breaks into the data that displayed on the screen.  When I try to do that now, it turns my data into garbage.  I have tried converting in other ways, but the formatting is always terrible.  Data that is in one column in the pdf is moved into various columns in the converted file, with some of the data residing in merged cells which need to be unmerged to clean up.  Other ways of converting result in all of the data being placed in one column with data that was aligned in the pdf being unaligned in the converted doc.  This makes it so that you can't use he text to columns feature in Excel.  I am using Acrobat X.  Is this issue something that Adobe has created in order to sell an additional product?  Does anyone know of an efficient workaround to this?  Do I need to buy the Adobe Export PDF upgrade?  Does anyone else have this that uses it to convert and analyze or perform calculations with data in multiple columns?  What has your experience been like?  All of the tutorials I have seen for converting pdfs to Excel using the newer versions of Adobe are not helpful as they do not show conversions of pdfs with large amounts of data in multiple columns.