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    Code Snippets?

      Similar question regarding XML code snippets in RH5 HTML Help topics: cutting and pasting from compiled help (or from source files) into any text editor....sometimes in the <codesample>, RH has (without rhyme or reason) added kadov "stuff" for some of the &nbsp (but not others). I think these "ghosts" cause havoc when cutting and pasting snippets from compiled help (it's worse if I do it from the raw topic)--the only thing I can figure is that kadov characters don't display, but they do cause problems with any text editor (Notepad, Wordpad, UltraEdit).

      Does anyone have a solution for making code samples copy friendly? Is there a script that I can include so readers can click a button/hyperlink to copy/save code sample without any artifacts? The solution has to work on multiple browsers.