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    Strange variables retrieved from php script

    ritpas Level 1

      I am experiencing a really strange thing when making my flash movie communicate with a php script.
      No matter what the animation is doing, just consider the following :
      see code below

      ticket is the object which receives the response from server which returns
      echo utf8_encode("reponse=ok")

      Each time when I run it , (ticket.retour.toString() != "ok") returns true, and the redirection url shows the following :
      http://xx.yy.zz.uu/jeu_avertissement.php?type=PROBLEME_CONNECTION&retour=ok&d=0.02&u=1&k=7 39f4db19af87cc0f2b72a6f63698500
      showing value of my retour var which is equal to .... ok !!!!!!!!

      I really don't understand! Could anybody explain me what happened. It looks like I saw a UFO.

      Thanks in advance,