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    FM8 with RoboHelp 7 -- Straightforward way to generate as Web Help?

    R. VanDyke Level 1

      I'm an experienced FrameMaker user who hasn't used any version of RoboHelp for a while. I'm currently trying to use RoboHelp 7 generate a structured FrameMaker book OR the book's individually selected .fm or .mif files as an HTML-based help system with a properly hierarchical TOC.

      What a mess! I've tried reading the help, browsing the Web, and searching this forum and am very surprised I can't find any straightforward discussion of how to do this.

      First, RoboHELP 7 seems not to want to create a sensible TOC. I've tried using a variety of options such as Convert FrameMaker TOC, mapping styles, and so on. The result is a chaotic dogs breakfast that seems to do strange things with the TOC hierarchy. The RoboHELP help system seems to suggest that the way to remedy the problem is to manually edit the TOC after each gen of the project!

      Second, RoboHelp seems to not process non-breaking spaces contained in the FrameMaker source files properly, particularly if those non-breaking spaces are contained in variables...(?)

      So, is there any straightforward way to generate a FrameMaker book or an individually selected set of book files as a coherent system with a TOC that *doesn't* require extensive manual post-generation fiddling?

      Moreover, is it just me? I'm normally good with tools, but must confess I'm decidedly dis-impressed with RoboHelp 7's inability to ingest a FrameMaker book or .fm files and product somewhat usable output straightaway...

      Cheers & thanks,