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    Difficulties launching pop-up


      I have recently upgraded to the new version of Edge animate (Edge Animate CC 2015.0). And, after making updates, I am having an issue with one of the animations we are running on our website.


      I work for a microelectronics company and we have three business line websites, each of which operates on separate subdomain. For each website, we have versions in four languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean). The website where I'm having the issue is...




      The problem I'm having is with the main banners on the website (all languages). There is a blue button that slides out from the left side of the screen that, when clicked, is supposed to launch a lightbox window. This button isn't working. See...




      The same functionality is built into our AC-DC banner and it works fine.




      I checked the LED pop-up code vs. the AC-DC pop-up code and, except for the dimensions, everything is the same.


      The LED pop-up code is...


      1. jQuery.colorbox({

        href: '/static/led-product-family-popup/?width=950&height=550',

        title: 'LED Products'



      The AC-DC is....


      1. jQuery.colorbox({

        href: '/static/ac-dc-product-families-cn/?width=800&height=400',

        title: 'AC-DC Products'



      I also looked into publish settings, etc. etc. and can locate the cause.


      FWIW, our website if built using Drupal 7. We're using the Drupal Edge suite to manage our Edge animations.


      Any ideas why one version works and the other does not? Has anyone encountered similar issues when converting their Edge media to the latest version?