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    Why did you Change the Save As function??????

    Russell PROCOPY Level 1

      Hello Adobe


      I am confused as to why you would change the way the Save As function works when using a template (INDT) file. Indesign use to remember the last place I saved a file...i.e; In my "Working" folder, I am guessing this was based on where I last saved a file so by default it would automatically default to that folder unless I changed it. NOW! It defaults to the folder I am opening my template file from... ie: my Templates Folder. Not that this is a critical issue BUT it is DAMN ANNOYING! Why would I want to save a new file I created back into the same folder my templates are??? Why did you change this functionality. It make zero sense! No professional I know looks to save their new design files back into the folder they keep their templates. PLEASE change this back to the way it was.