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    Font difficulties with Chiinese characters


      I have recently upgraded to the new version of Edge animate (Edge Animate CC 2015.0). And, after making updates, I am having an issue with one of the animations we are running on our website.


      I work for a microelectronics company and we have three business line websites, each of which operates on separate subdomain. For each website, we have versions in four languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean).


      On the AC-DC domain, the rollover ribbon below main banner displays an icon and text when you mouseover a particular image (see: https://ac-dc.power.com).


      On the Simplified and Traditional Chinese versions of the website, the icon is not in its off state when the animation loads.  And also the text below the icon is showing up as plain black text rather than stylized. See...





      And compare to...






      And on our LED website, the same languages (the two Chinese versions) are displaying correctly...





      The font settings are exactly the same. The dependent files in the subdirectories are the same. With these files, all I did was resave them in the new version of Edge.


      FWIW, our website if built using Drupal 7. We're using the Drupal Edge suite to manage our Edge animations.


      Has anyone encountered similar font issues when converting their Edge media to the latest version?