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    Can my lightroom folder be moved to a cloud based server and still keep all of its links and which is a good server to use with LR

    johnc53954008 Level 1



      I'm brand new to Lightroom and am thinking of using it as an archive system for all of personal photographs which run into the tens of thousands.


      I would like to set up a cloud based system in order to protect my images but am not sure which provider to go with at this point.


      So firstly, whilst getting to know Lightroom I thought I would set up a Master Lightroom folder on my local desktop to experiment with.  Once I've gotten used to this I was wondering if I could transfer it to whichever cloud based server and still see all my shots linked back to Lightroom in their respective folders? 


      Whilst I'm here, could I also ask the regular Lightroom users which cloud based system they found works best with Lightroom?  I am running an iMac and would have liked to go with Apple but from what I've read I'm not sure how practical this would be with Lightroom?  I will be looking to purchase 1T of space on the cloud due the large number of images, often taken on large sensor cameras, Nikons, PhaseOne etc so there will be some Raw files in there.


      Thanks for any assistance you can offer.


      Cheers John