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      today I tried to open LR on my desktop and it's telling me it's being used by another applucation and I need to first quit that application before I can re launch LR - so where to I find which other applicaton is using it so I can quit it and re launch LR

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          On rare occasions Lightroom doesn't shut down normally. When that happens there is a file left behind with the lock extension. It has the same name as your catalog, except for the extension. Look in the folder that contains your catalog and locate the lock file and delete it. Then you should be able to start Lightroom again.

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            Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

            Hi Keithj,


            Please go to the location of the Lightroom Catalog, and please delete the file .LOCK

            Once done, please try and launch Lightroom and let me know if it opens or not.




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              keithj48227899 Level 1

              Thank you ! It worked !!!


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