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    Minor issues regarding groups


      I've moved directly from Premiere Elements 8 to 14, so obvioulsly, a lot of things are different. But what annoys me most, is the way groups seem to work in 14.


      First, I had a hard time making groups. The manual says "In the Quick view timeline or the Expert view timeline, you can group clips so that you can move, disable, copy, or delete them together." And "To group clips, select multiple clips, and choose Clip > Group."

      However, in Quick view timeline, there is no "Group" item in the Clip menu. I can see only "Remove effects", which is greyed. After switching to Expert view timeline, a multitude of other item became available. Including "Group". I found this a bit amusing, since I'm no expert at all.


      Another thing with groups, which in my opinion is half the reason for having them, is that I should be able to collapse them. In 8, I could make a group, and then collapse it, so only the first clip was visible on the timeline. This gave a better overview, and made it easier to navigate the timeline. I haven't figured out how to collapse (or fold, or whatever you'd call it) groups in 14, and I'm not convinced that it is possible.


      A third thing with groups: They are not visible. When a clip is not selected, you can't see that it is part of a group. Only when you select it, and a bunch of other clips are selected together with it, it becomes obvious. Some sort of frame around groups would be nice.


      One last thing, which is only partially related to groups: When I select clips in the Quick view timeline, I can select one clip, and then shift+select another clip. Both clips – and all in between – are now selected. This doesn't work in the Expert view timeline. Instead, I can "lasso" select multiple clips, which I think is a more clumsy method. Why should one method rule out another non-conflicting method?


      Anybody out there working with clip groups? Any useful tricks that I've missed?


      Br, Erik


      Running i7, 8 GB RAM, Win7 64-bit