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    Howto: Put in CD / DVD - sample adobe air application with installing process:

    SourceSkyBoxer Level 1
      Hello anything,

      Please do not forget!

      With Flex-SDK (newer version)

      CD / DVD: ROM:

      /win = Windows Version like *.exe, *.msi, *.cmd *.vs or *.ws
      /mac = Macintoch Version like *.pkg, *.app, *.dmg,, *.mpkg
      /lin = Linux version like *.run, *. , *.bin, *.sh, *.rpm, *.deb

      /setup = your adobe air application like Custom air-able installer = my great installer ( Cominig soon... )
      /images your photos or texture or any styles... , icons too
      /acabs = my suggestion for like Windows *.cab <> Air Cab = *.acab
      /locales = for your languages ...
      /folder any your suggestions...

      /flex-sdk = Flex Software Development Kit = Adobe Flex SDK (no flexbuilder 3)

      /helps = When you need help like *.pdf Files.for Installer

      / = callable autorun with autostart.jar or autorun.jar

      If you want to build powerful application on Windows 32 or 64 Bit you can sometime regedit writing. DO NOT WORRY!!!! My special installer (coming soon).

      I have been created a sample installer. whe i am final with my installer. Do not worry! You can to believe me really. :)

      How do i bind to exec for java? (No javascript! OK)

      How do i create shell for Mac OS X Leopard
      Do not forget!
      I have been created shell in /os/mac/preload_installer.sh, How do i know when i do not use with disk image moving and clicking? How does my shell start automacally?

      I know for Linux. I have not problem for linux version. I have Ubuntu 8.05 LTS Version. :).
      But i haven't Mac OS X :(

      Thank you for cross-plattform-able CD or DVD :)

      Enjoy for making with image and burn an image since cd or dvd-rom.

      Best regards, SnakeMedia