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    RH 2015 WebHelp: creating/editing custom toolbar items: Is there cross-browser, inline JS for custom "Home" button and "Print" button popups?

    Burtin Level 1

      I have an RH 2105 WebHelp project that is almost ready for internal review at work. I'm using the skin "BlueGrey" because it's nice and generic.

      I created a custom Home button and added a Print button and I'd really like to post the project for review, but since RH creates "custom" identities for those items, tooltip popups show only for the "stock" buttons in the toolbar.

      I'd really like my "custom" Home and Print buttons to have popups that match what the skin "BlueGrey" already uses, but I can't figure out exactly which parts of "whskin_tbars.htm" and "whtbar.js" I'd have to modify to enable that. (Not to mention the related maintenance issues moving forward...)

      So, since RH doesn't natively include a way to add popups for custom items, I'm kinda stuck and need a little help, if there's any to be lent for this issue.

      Home button (parent.location.href='index.htm';) and Print button (printTopic()) OnClick actions work as designed, but because JS "window.create" isn't viable anymore, I am wondering if there is some other function I could use inline for the OnMouseOver actions that can be modified for BlueGrey's look and feel.

      Is there a solid work-around for this issue?

      Do I need to get JQuery and (can I use it to) create an "External JavaScript File" to get the interactivity I'd like to use?