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    Published video freezes after a few seconds


      I've been recording videos from screen capture with BB Flashback Express Recorder 5, but the resolution of the original window was 1223x688 because of game and screen limitations. Exported from BB Flashback Express 5 .fbr format using Xvid MPEG-4 Codec with the Xvid HD 720 profile, as an .avi file, which plays fine in any of my video playing applications.


      I'm trying to uprate it to an 720p format (1280x720) for YouTube, using Premiere Elements 12. If I don't do this, YouTube converts them to 480p which is way too poor a resolution.


      I tried a couple of different profiles (set before importing the video to Elements), PAL HD 720 and another similar one that I forget. The result is the same anyway.


      Also, I have been separating the sound using VirtualDub because with the original .avi, Premiere only sees the sound for the first 17s then it all disappears, so I'm putting the sound in as a separate track and setting the sound in the original .avi video track to 0dB.


      I'm publishing it as .mp4 AVCHD, 1280x720p, High or Medium, Bitrates up to 17Mbps target 5, or 10 target 5, audio 320kbps.


      The imported video plays fine within PE12 but the published video file freezes after 17s, although the audio plays on (I suppose from my added audio track). This is the same in all of my video playing applications (MPC-HC 32 & 64, VLC, Media Player, Film & TV, PE12).


      The same things happen with more than one different video file from the same set of recordings (i.e., I recorded part 1, part 2, etc., of gameplay). They all seem to do the same.


      I suppose there must be something wrong with the original files... but can I fix it? If so, how? Or is there another way to convert my first .avi to 1280x720?