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    Playing external MP4 videos on a Flash CS6 AS2 stage

    SgtBilko101 Level 1

      Evening. Please help with these 2 VERY SIMPLE problems for those who can code in AS2 - I am using Flash CS6 AS2:


      1) I have 3 picture frames on the main stage. When I click any of the picture frames, they zoom up close and play an MP4 video within it. Once the video has finished I would like the video to disappear and it goes back to the main stage. So, I imported a video into Flash CS6 and chose IMPORT VIDEO, then selected 'Load external video with playback component'. when I run the SWF, I can select the first picture frame and the video plays fine but once it's finished, the last frame of the video stays and I don't know how to return back to the main stage - please help!

      2) When any of the videos are playing, I would like a BACK button to appear so I can stop the video at any time and return to the main stage, but I can't get it to work - please help again!

      I am trying to make this work for my little boy whose birthday is coming up in 1 days so I am desperate for some help on this. I hope this all makes sense and so sorry for the VERY LONG email.

      Thank you