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    Help! "Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo . . ."


      I received this error message today for the first time. Here is the skinny:


      - Mac Pro 2006

      - Lightroom CC (upgraded today!)

      - New Memory put in computer last weekend (photos uploaded from same memory card over weekend with no apparent issues).

      - San Disk Pro card

      - Camera is Fuji XT1 (If that means anything to anyone).


      Also, oddly, last month I had a Lexar card wither and die on the vine for me at import. I am only saying this because it may have nothing to do with lightroom and it could be the camera as I updated firmware there. There are a lot of moving parts with this issue and I have to figure out how to troubleshoot.


      It could also be this very simple thing: Two bad cards in a row (after 7 years running and absolutely no card failures.


      Any thoughts or advice will be greatly appreciated.