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    strange behaviour loading swf

      hello, i'm trying to load external swf in my main swf.

      when I click first time in first frame on object(movieClip) which has event handler gotoJob, the jobfair.swf will load and it works. But I have on the stage in first frame also another objects - movieClips. If I click on some movieclip, than it means to go to nextFrame. But when I return to first frame, where is also object with click handler gotoJob and I click on it, it does not load the swf. It looks like a bug, i need immediately help please.
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          Boros28 Level 1
          I tried some solutions (look at attach code..) and it seems to work, but not properly,

          it loads swf everytime, but after clicking on another movieClip and returning to 1 frame it seems that :

          loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, process);
          loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.INIT, finished);

          are not working, actions which are in functions process and finished are not executed...

          i find some similar problem on web:
          "I have investigated that when another MC is loaded, it causes reset on root clip, issuing ENTER_FRAME event, and just after it code in the first frame executed again. There is more strange behavior, code written in the loaded MC (directly in frames) IS NOT EXECUTED."

          Is there someone who meet with this? could someone please explain that?